International Seminar on Proficiency Testing (PT) & the Key Techniques of Food Safety Testing was Held in Dalian

writer:China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment time:2006-07-18

     On Sept. 5, 2005, International Seminar on Proficiency Testing (PT) & the Key Techniques of Food Safety Testing was held in Dalian, hosted by China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (CNAL) and organized jointly by Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau of the People's Republic of China (LNCIQ). Mr. Chengfang, Deputy Director of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA), was present at the Seminar and made a speech in the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided by Mr. Wei Hao, Secretary-general of CNAL. Mr. Li Yanhui, Director of LNCIQ and You Xiangjin, Deputy Secretary General of Dalian municipal Party Committee attended the Seminar and addressed on honor of the hosts. There were totally 150 delegates, including internationally well-known scholars from 17 countries around the world, such as Mr. Philip Briggs, Chairman of APLAC Proficiency Testing Committee, Mr. Daniel W. Tholen from ISO/TC69, Dr. Rajeshwar Utkhede, Premier Scientist of Agriculture and Agri-food of Canada, and experts and other guests from home and abroad, came to the seminar. This is the first time for China national accreditation body for laboratories to host such a large-scale international academic workshop. This activity showed that China have paid high attention to the food safety testing and relevant laboratories accreditation.
     Currently, the global situation of food safety is worrying, and there are many food trade dissensions caused by food quality. The issue of food safety has become one of the three hot issues which are cared by WTO, and affects every country's public health and development of economy trade. Chinese government puts food safety as a great issue that concerns public health and harmonization of society. Under the unified leading of State Department, the relevant government departments of are pressing on with setting up and perfecting reasonable and harmonious management system of food safety, ensuring the food safety in the links of planting, feeding, selling and dining.
     In order to implement the promise of joining WTO, Chinese government unified the laboratories accreditation system which had been managed dispersedly. And according to the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Certification and Accreditation", CNCA administers the laboratory competence evaluation unitively, is responsible for setting up and implementing unified laboratory accreditation system, does effort to facilitate the mutual recognition of certification and accreditation. The laboratory accreditation system has made a large progress through ten-year's effort. Now the national accreditation system which has wide professional covering, large scale and unified operation rules has been set up. Over 2,000 labs have been accredited in China, including 200 labs concerning food safety testing. The China laboratories accreditation system has been recognized by international society. In 2000, CNAL signed international MRA of laboratories accreditation, and plays an active role in the international cooperation of labs accreditation, especially in the area of food safety testing.
    The seminar will adequately show and enhance the competence of Chinese food safety testing labs, food providers and accreditation system of food safety testing labs. The international position and affecting force of Chinese accreditation bodies, food providers and food safety testing labs can be improved through enhancing international academic exchange in the field of laboratory proficiency testing and food safety testing. Meanwhile, this seminar will also promote the mutual comprehension of every country's food safety testing labs, facilitate to improve the labs' testing technology, enhance the technology cooperation among the labs and accreditation bodies, accelerate the development of international food trade. In a word, this seminar will make new contribution for Chinese food safety and international food safety field.