The Second Session of Second CNAS Board Held

writer:China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment time:2011-05-05

The Second Session of Second CNAS Board was held in Beijing on Mar. 29, 2011. Madam Wang Fengqing, CNAS Chair and Mr. Che Wenyi, Deputy Chief Administrator of CNCA addressed at the meeting.
During this meeting, the Board members examined the Work Report of CNAS Secretariat in 2011 and the Latest Progress on International Accreditation along with other work reports of 2010 from the six Special Committees, as well as Resolution for the Adjustment and Supplement of members of the Board and the Special Committees. The representatives debriefed the suggestions and opinions on accreditation work afterwards.
As the top authority, CNAS Board is fully responsible for the establishing and operating of accreditation system. Consisting of the representatives from accreditation-related government departments, conformity assessment bodies, clients of conformity assessment service and users of conformity assessment and professional institutions as well as technical experts, the Board Meeting is held annually.