The Board Responsibilities

writer:China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment time:2012-12-14
  The Board is constituted by representatives of the accreditation-related government departments, conformity assessment bodies, clients of conformity assessment services, users of conformity assessment and relevant professional bodies and technical experts etc. It is the highest authority taking full responsibilities for the establishment and operation of the accreditation system, with specific duties as follows:
  a) Stipulate CNAS Constitution;
  b) Approve and issue CNAS principles, policies, rules, criteria and other important accreditation documents;
  c) Supervise the implementation of CNAS principles, policies, rules, criteria and so on;
  d) Supervise finance of accreditation;
  e) Make accreditation decisions;
  f) Supervise signing agreements with external bodies;
  g) Establish and authorize specific committees and specific bodies to be responsible for conducting relevant activities;
  h) Authorize the Chief Executive to be responsible for the Secretariat daily work;
  i) Decide on other important matter.
  The Executive Committee is a body inside the Board. It carries out duties authorized by the Board during its adjournment.